Rosaries by Marsha Lee


If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
     mountain, "MOVE!" and it  WILL move... and NOTHING will be 
     impossible for YOU!

                                                                                      - Matthew 17:20


      Welcome to Marsha's Custom, Designer Rosaries; Where we enable you to have a beautiful representation of your faith, love, and loyalty.  My rosaries are all hand made by myself, here in my southern Missouri home. I use only unique beads, rare and semi-rare stones from all over the world, gemstones and crystal from Austria and Swarovski. My husband does the searching for me to find the highest quality gemstone beads to fashion my rosaries, along with some of the most beautiful crosses and crucifixes one can find. Although I make different sizes of rosaries, I specialize in over-sized, large rosaries; I find they are easier on the fingers/hands for those with arthritis, or for those who have lost the dexterity in their hands or would like to wear and display their faith. 

    I have a passion, or a calling, for making rosaries, and began making them for my husband and daughter to keep myself busy . It was my husband, having arthritis, who found that he could pray easier with the larger beads without cramping his hands. It was my daughter who enjoyed wearing her rosary as a sign of her faith.  They began getting so many compliments on their unique rosaries at church and with their friends (and even from their Priests!) that I was being commissioned to make rosaries for their church communities. I began selling some of my rosaries on consignment, and have since began a website to bring my rosaries to the world. Ten of my creations have been sent to the Vatican.

I also sell on...EBAY.., please take a look at some more of my custom rosaries. My seller's name is....oldtime48

    Each and every rosary I make is designed and hand made by myself, and is unique. My rosaries can be blessed before being sent at no extra cost to you.  I take great pride in knowing how many prayers I am generating, and how I am helping, in my own way, to contribute to my faith. Please see my photo album for examples.

   Saying the rosary is much more than a recitation of prayer. The beads offer a focal point to help keep the mind still while praying. The  rosary is a spiritual tool used in reaching a deep level of meditation. A way to restore your inner strength and faith  on a daily basis. A peaceful time to communicate with God, a self-healing of mind , body and soul. At the end of your prayer,  you  are all invited to sit in silent communion with God.

    When all around us seems to be falling apart, prayer is a way to help stay connected, to gain the strength we need to make this precious world a better place. It is my belief that the secret to life is very simple...." Just leave all things a little bit better than you found them ." 




          We gladly accept Paypal  through our automated website check out for your convenience. We do, however, also accept money orders, cashiers, and personal checks. Please visit our Contact Us page to get our address, and to send us a note specifying which item you are wanting. We will immediately put that item on temporary hold until payment is in hand, and ship within 24 hrs of receiving payment in all cases EXCEPT with personal checks, which we hold for 7 business days before shipping.


        Shipping within the U.S.  is free with every rosary, for basic priority mail within the states, and media mail outside of the U.S., shipped USPS with delivery confirmation and insurance. Different shipping methods, as well as international shipping are available for an extra fee.  I will ship my rosaries and chaplets ANYWHERE.